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    PhD Admission and Complete PhD Research Guidance

        PhD assistance has a strong foundation and ability in undertaking the research and analysis work with a network of doctorate and research guides who would assist in completion of PhD /doctorate /DBA and its related services. Our team comprised of experienced professors, young and dynamic researchers, relevant subject matter expertise, industry professionals who provide continuous support to understand the real world situation, research methodologists, data collection team (both online and offline) statistician team (including econometrician, biostatistician), developers, copy editors (including manuscript editors) and proof readers (manuscript proof readers/thesis proof readers), and formatting and referencing team (including APA, MLA, Chicago). Our team heads have rich experience in the field of research for more than 15 years especially in the development of questionnaire,research design, quantitative and qualitative study designs, and statistical analysis. The technical heads will guide you through your research journey and drive you to achieve your PhD completion dream. There is complete support at every stage from the identification of PHD topic to the final document.

        The motive of PhD Assistance is to enable scholars and take them out of tough situations along with providing them full satisfaction. In addition, we also offer university (only UGC recognized) admission support for various national and international universities, selection of guides/supervisor (UGC recognized), job placement for scholars who have successfully completed and pursuing their PhDs.

        We have state of art infrastructure especially our exclusive library facility has wide range of books and journals to support both scholars and staffs and class room facility to provide tutoring and conduct programs. We provide end to end services from PhD admission to Job placement.

        Vast topic coverage, expertise in getting research completed: Whether the research candidates ask for help on proposal or thesis development, our consultants can help them with all issues. They have guided and helped many students with their field projects, paper publishing, and thesis defense.

    Translation Services

        IAEME can assist you with the translation of your scientific papers from your own, non-English, language into English. The procedure followed consists of two steps or layers in order to guarantee that the English version is fully professional, fully idiomatic, and stylistically pleasing.

        The motive of PhD Assistance is to enable scholars and take them out of tough situations along with providing them full satisfaction. In addition, we also offer university (only UGC recognized) admission support for various national and international universities, selection of guides/supervisor (UGC recognized), job placement for scholars who have successfully completed and pursuing their PhDs.

        Step 1: Translation of your paper into English.

        Step 2: Polishing and fine-tuning of the translation by native speakers.

    Proofreading Service

        If your paper is already written in English but you feel that its formulation requires correction or may not be fully idiomatic, native speakers associated with our proofreading service will turn your text into impeccable English.

        Please send your manuscript by email to [email protected] and place either the term "translate" or the term "proofread" in the heading.

        A price will be quoted to you within 12 hours after submission of the paper.

        The price quoted will depend on both your paper's length and its subject matter.

        Translating a paper into English will typically be completed in five (5) business days. Proofreading a paper written in English will usually take three (3) business days.

        Our Promise:

    1.     Superfast delivery
    2.     Two-layered checking and control system for translations
    3.     Absolute quality guarantee
    4.     Competitive pricing

    Find a Job in Academia or in Industry and Start Your Career

        IAEME Publication now no longer only publishes your papers. In light of the fact that there is a great need worldwide for skilled professionals to fill positions in the fields of science and engineering, we have now begun putting our many contacts with universities, research institutes, and industrial conglomerates in many countries on all continents to good use. We have been taking inventory of needs in terms of human resources. We are now tapping this information in order to identify the right people for open positions. We have as of now already helped many of our authors in finding satisfying and rewarding jobs. We believe that you can be the next winner!

    Prepress & ePublishing Services

        IAEME offers complete prepress and epublishing solutions from raw manuscript to printed books and files for online publishing. Please find below the Services we provide.

    •     Composition and Typesetting
    •     Editorial services
    •     Project management
    •     XML and HTML Services
    •     Artwork/Graphic Design
    •     eBook Conversion (ePUB, MOBI and ePDF)

    Our Prepress & ePublishing Services include:

    1. Composition and Typesetting

        IAEME manage all your text and images in a proper structure with page composition and typesetting services. Our team has the relevant experience and the capability of meeting quality standards, important deadlines for journals, books, magazines, and newspapers. Our suite of typesetting and page composition services involves conversion of raw, unformatted, handwritten manuscripts into consistent, structured, and ready to publish formats.

    •     Template Creation
    •     Sample Designing
    •     Page Composition
    •     Journal Typesetting
    •     Book Typesetting
    •     Multilingual Typesetting

        IAEME specialised in a variety of composition formats including:

    •     Quark
    •     InDesign
    •     FrameMaker
    •     TeX / LaTeX
    •     3b2

    2. Editorial Services

        IAEME has large team of editors who are well versed with copyediting and technical editing. We prepare a style sheet for every project we handle and will get approval from Client before implementation. We have experience in handling a variety of contents in different domains viz., academic & scientific, commerce, marketing & management, finance & trade, social science, mathematics, Engineering and medical.

        Our services include

    •     Copyediting and indexing
    •     Proofreading
    •     Language services

    3. Project Management

        IAEME provides complete project management services such as

    •     Liaison with publishers, authors and editors
    •     Control of copy editing services
    •     Control of Typesetting services

    4. XML and HTML Services

        IAEME provides a XML and HTMLservices to address the demands for digital formats and online publishing requirement for multi-device capabilities. Some of the services offered by IAEME are

    •     Conversion of XML based on publisher’s DTD from PDF, Word, Quark, Indesign
    •     Conversion from XML (any DTD) to XML (Publisher Specific DTD)
    •     Typesetting from XML files including auto pagination etc.
    •     Conversion of HTML from any input

    5. Artwork/Graphic Design

        IAEME has experience in illustration and design solution for books, manuals, journals, dictionaries, encyclopedias etc. Our Artwork / Graphic Desing service includes

    •     Re-drawing
    •     High-end color scanning
    •     Re-labeling
    •     Cover design (wrappers and book jackets)
    •     Image retouching and manipulation

    6. eBook Conversion

        eBook conversion is the next evolution in digital publishing. eBooks have revolutionized the publishing industry and has changed the way we read, purchase books, and manage them. eBooks need to be designed and developed with format limitations and device specifications in mind. IAEME Services provides a complete range of eBook-related services such as eBook conversions, eBook enhancements. We have expertise in creating eBooks with content conversion and delivery mechanisms for various platforms such as iPad, Kindle, Nook and Kobo devices.

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