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2015 : 8.9958

2014 : 8.5328

2013 : 6.1302

2012 : 3.9580

2011 : 1.0425

Imprint: IAEME

ISSN PRINT : 0976 – 6367

ISSN ONLINE : 0976 – 6375 

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  • CALL FOR PAPER July - July  2015 ISSUE
  • International Journal of Computer Engineering &Technology (IJCET)

    ISSN Print:    0976 – 6367
    ISSN Online:   0976 – 6375    

    Journal ID : 501
    6 Volumes 32 Issues 768 Articles available from 2010 to 2015.

    Chief Editor

    Dr. S. Balasubramanian
    E-mail:editor@iaeme.com , iaemedu@gmail.com

    Current Issue
    Volume 6 Issue 7 July 2015
    Previous Issue
    Volume 6 Issue 6 June 2015
    Volume 6 Issue 5 May 2015
    Volume 6 Issue 4 April 2015
    Volume 6 Issue 3 March 2015
    Volume 6 Issue 2 February 2015
    Volume 6 Issue 1 January 2015
    Volume 5 Issue 12 December 2014
    Volume 5 Issue 11 November 2014
    Volume 5 Issue 10 October 2014
    Volume 5 Issue 9 September 2014
    Volume 5 Issue 8 August 2014
    Volume 5 Issue 7 July 2014
    Volume 5 Issue 6 June 2014
    Volume 5 Issue 5 May 2014
    Volume 5 Issue 4 April 2014
    Volume 5 Issue 3 March 2014
    Volume 5 Issue 2 February 2014
    Volume 5 Issue 1 January 2014
    Volume 4 Issue 6 November - December    2013
    Volume 4 Issue 5 September - October    2013
    Volume 4 Issue 4 July - August    2013
    Volume 4 Issue 3 May - June    2013
    Volume 4 Issue 2 March - April    2013
    Volume 4 Issue 1January - February   2013
    Volume 3 Issue 3October - December   2012
    Volume 3 Issue 2July - September   2012
    Volume 3 Issue 1January - June   2012
    Volume 2 Issue 2May - July   2011
    Volume 2 Issue 1January - April   2011
    Volume 1 Issue 2September - October   2010
    Volume 1 Issue 1May - June   2010
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    Aims and Scope

    International journal of Computer Engineering & Technology (IJCET) is an online peer reviewed journal that publishes Review/Research articles which contribute new theoretical results in all areas of Computer Engineering, Communication Network and Information Technologies. International journal of Computer Engineering & Technology (IJCET) papers are solicited from, but not limited to the following topics:

    List of Topic
    • Theory of Parallel Processing and Distributed Computing
    • Foundations of High-performance Computing
    • Artificial Intelligence& Pattern/Image Recognition
    • Neural Network
    • Database  Management Systems (DBMS)
    • Digital Signal Processing
    • Ad-Hoc, Mobile, Wireless Networks and Mobile Computing
    • Mobile Agent Computing
    • 3G/4G Network Evolution
    • CDMA/GSM Communication Protocol
    • Mobile Computing for e-Commerce
    • Cryptography and Foundation of Computer Security
    • Authentication/Authorization Issues
    • PKI(Public Key Infrastructures)
    • IDS/Firewall, Anti-Spam mail, Anti-virus issues
    • Wireless Security System
    • e-Business Applications
    • e-Governance
    • Advanced Numerical Algorithms
    • Scientific and Engineering Computing
    • Hybrid Computational Methods
    • Complex Systems: Modeling and Simulation
    • Problem Solving Environments
    • Data Visualization and Virtual Reality
    • Web- and Grid-based Computing and Simulation
    • Hardware/Software Co-design and VLSI Support
    • Possibility Theory, Bayes Network and Hidden Markov Models
    • Computational Intelligence, Granular Computing and Soft Computing
    • New Algorithmic Approaches to Computational Kernels and Applications
    • Architectures and Computation Models, Compiler, Hardware and OS Issues
    • Computational Science Aspects of Data Mining, Information Retrieval and Text Mining
    • Data mining and warehousing
    • Optimization, Complexity and Natural Language Processing
    • Software Quality and Project Management
    • Software development and deployment
    • Any other topics relevant to latest trends in Computer Engineering and Technology

    In order to provide a timely and broad coverage of this ever-evolving field, International journal of Computer Engineering & Technology (IJCET) offers its readers a mix of regular and special issues. Papers can be submitted for the regular issues of the journal, or in response to calls for papers for special issues.

    International journal of Computer Engineering & Technology (IJCET) is published using an open access publishing model, which makes the full-text of all peer-reviewed papers freely available online. International journal of Computer Engineering & Technology (IJCET) employs a paperless, electronic submission and evaluation system to promote a rapid turnaround in the peer review process. Fairness and transparency of the review process are pursued by traditional and innovative means, including the possibility of reviewers of accepted papers to disclose their identity and publish a brief commentary together with the article.

    Frequency : Twelve issues per year

    Audience : Students, Research Scholars, Faculty Members and Professionals

    Submission : Authors are requested to submit their papers electronically to (Word or Pdf Format) editor@iaeme.com, iaemedu@gmail.com

    Publication Months and Frequency : Twelve issues per year

    Paper Submission :

    All submitted papers will be judged based on their quality by the technical committee and reviewers. Papers that describe research and experimentation are encouraged. All paper submissions will be handled electronically and detailed instructions on submission procedure are available on IAEME website (www.iaeme.com).

    For more information, please visit the journal website (www.iaeme.com)


    Chief Editor


    Editorial Board

    Dr. SUKUMAR SENTHILKUMAR Chon Buk National University, South Korea
    Dr. YASWANTH KUMAR AVULAPATI S.V.University, India
    Dr. OHAMMED ALI HUSSAIN Sri Sai Madhavi Institute of Science & Technology, India
    Prof. MUHAMMAD NAUFAL BIN MANSOR University Malaysia Perlis, Malaysia
    Dr. M. GIRI Sreenivasa Institute of Technology and Management Studies, India
    Dr. Sattar J Aboud Anglia Ruskin University, UK
    Dr. R.SENTHIL KUMAR Sri Nandhanam College Of Engineering and Technology,Tirupattur,Vellore
    Dr. M. H. Raza Dalhousie University,Canada
    Dr. MOHAMMED.FAISAL Nizwa College of Technology,OMAN
    Dr. CHITRA KIRAN .N Sai Vidya Institute of Technology, Bangalore
    Dr. DHEYAA J. KADHIM College of Engineering, University of Baghdad, Iraq
    Dr. V. ANTONY JOE RAJA Prince Group of Companies, Chennai
    Dr. SHRIKANT TIWARI Shri Shankaracharya Group of Institutions- Chattisgarh
    Dr. H. S.BEHERA Veer Surendra Sai University of Technology (VSSUT)Odisha, India
    Dr. A.UDAYAKUMAR Hindustan University, India
    Dr. PREETI PATIL KIT’s College of Engineering, KOLHAPUR
    Prof. VARADALA SRIDHAR Vidya Jyothi Institute of Technology, Andhra Pradesh, India
    Dr. INDERJEET KAUR Ajay Kumar Garg Engineering College, Ghiaziabad
    Dr. SUVANAM SASIDHAR BABU Sree Narayana Gurukulam College of Engineering,Kerala
    Dr. A.K.SEN Principal, St. Francis Institute of Technology, Mumbai University, India

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