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  • International Journal of Advanced Research in Management (IJARM)

    ISSN Print:   0976 - 6324
    ISSN Online:  0976 - 6332   

    Journal ID : 102
    10 Volumes 29 Issues 125 Articles available from 2010 to 2019.
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    Chief Editor

    Dr. S. Balasubramanian
    E-mail:[email protected] , [email protected]

    Current Issue
    Volume 10 Issue 3 September - December    2019
    Previous Issue
    Volume 9 Issue 3September - December   2018
    Volume 9 Issue 2 May - August    2018
    Volume 9 Issue 1 January - April    2018
    Volume 8 Issue 4 October - December    2017
    Volume 8 Issue 3 July - September    2017
    Volume 8 Issue 2 April - June    2017
    Volume 8 Issue 1 January - March    2017
    Volume 7 Issue 3 September - December    2016
    Volume 7 Issue 2 May - August    2016
    Volume 7 Issue 1 January - April    2016
    Volume 6 Issue 3 September - December    2015
    Volume 6 Issue 2 May - August    2015
    Volume 6 Issue 1 January - April    2015
    Volume 5 Issue 6 November - December    2014
    Volume 5 Issue 5 September - October    2014
    Volume 5 Issue 4 July - August    2014
    Volume 5 Issue 3 May - June    2014
    Volume 5 Issue 2 March - April    2014
    Volume 5 Issue 1 January - February    2014
    Volume 4 Issue 3 September - December    2013
    Volume 4 Issue 2 May - August    2013
    Volume 4 Issue 1 January - April    2013
    Volume 3 Issue 2 July - December    2012
    Volume 3 Issue 1 January - June    2012
    Volume 2 Issue 1 January - December    2011
    Volume 10 Issue 2 May - August    2019
    Volume 10 Issue 1 January - April    2019
    Volume 1 Issue 1 January - June    2010
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    Journal Objectives

    IJARM is online journal provide a dynamic international forum for the exchange and dissemination of the latest studies on advances in all functional areas of management, both in the service and the manufacturing sectors. The main objective of the journal is to act as a vehicle for resources which contribute to the improvement of management practices within societies and businesses worldwide. Focused solidly on progression, all content published in IJARM takes management research and practice into fresh directions. This focus on the applicability of management research does not detract from an emphasis on sound methodology.  This journal provides an international forum for the application of management science and engineering management techniques to problems in these and related fields. However, it is not only the mathematical methodology which is of interest. The applications are of equal importance and the two are mutually supportive since understanding the application helps one greatly to comprehend the mathematical methods used and vice versa.


    The scope and coverage of the journal includes but is not limited to:

    • General management
    • Financial management
    • Organisational development and organisational change 
    • Human resource management in contemporary business
    • Marketing, sales and retail management
    • Supply chain & logistics management
    • Operations management
    • Information & telecommunication management
    • E-business, E-commerce, E-governance
    • International Business
    • Knowledge management
    • Innovation and R&D management
    • Management of technology for competitiveness
    • New product and service design/development
    • Strategic management
    • Managerial economics
    • Performance measurement and management
    • Best practices and world-class organisations
    • Project management
    • Quality management and six sigma
    • Risk management
    • State-of-the-art business decision making techniques
    • Quantitative modeling of contemporary business problem
    • Qualitative research in business management
    • Management of technical & management education
    • New developments in research methodology and design, such as multi-criteria decision making tools and techniques, structural equation modelling, system dynamics, simulation, optimization and meta-heuristics tools such as random search algorithms, SAP-LAP and value chain analysis

    Types of article to be published:

    • research articles
    • empirical studies,
    • case studies,
    • research notes,
    • simulations,
    • teaching notes and book reviews.

    Key journal audiences

    • R&D Establishments
    • Research scholars and consultants in different management areas
    • Policy makers and government establishments
    • Management trainers
    • Practitioners: CEOs; functional managers and project managers in Operations, Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Development & Organisation Management, Information & Telecommunication Management, etc.
    • Libraries and information centres serving the needs of the above

    The journal covers all the main management sub-disciplines including, for example, HRM, OB, International & Strategic Management, Operations Management, Management Sciences, Information Systems & Technology Management, Accounting & Finance, and Marketing. Each issue includes state-of-the-art literature review articles/surveys which examine the relevant literature published on a specific aspect of the sub-discipline, for example, HRM: Appraisal Systems.

    The IJARM is deliberately targeted at a wide readership interested in business and management. The journal publishes authoritative literature surveys and reviews. Such papers are targeted at several key audiences or readerships:

    • Members of the academic community who will expect to be kept abreast of disciplinary areas outside of their own specific domains of expertise.
    • The journal will enable senior faculty to undertake more interdisciplinary research by providing a wider understanding or emerging thought and methodological developments in other fields, and by so doing, facilitating the development of transdisciplinarity.
    • More established researchers who are looking to update their knowledge in their own particular field, or who are shifting their area of focus or developing collaborative or inter-disciplinary work extending beyond their established specialization.
    • Supporting doctoral candidates in the production of their theses by producing comprehensive reviews/debates and to locate their research within past, present and future debates.


    Chief Editor


    Editorial Board

    Dr. DEEPIKA TIWARI Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology, India
    Dr. HARI SUNDAR.G. RAM Sree Narayana Gurukulam College of Engineering, India
    Dr. SHIVAKUMAR DEENE Central University of Karanataka, India
    Dr. S.SAIGANESH Dayananda Sagar Business School, India
    Dr. HAMID SAREMI Azad Islamic University of Iran-Quchan Branch, Iran
    Dr. ALKA SWAMI Govt. College of Engineering & Technology Bikaner , India
    Dr. BAMRARA A. HNB Garhwal University, India
    Dr. NAWAB ALI KHAN Salman Bin Abdulaziz University ,KSA
    Prof. SRINIVAS K T CIMS - B School, India
    Dr. RAJESH U KANTHE Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University, India
    Dr. PRATAP RAGHUNATH DESAI Bharati Vidyapeeth University,Maharashtra
    Dr. SWARANJEET ARORA Prestige Institute of Management and Research
    Dr. A.R.KRISHNAN SRM University, Tamilnadu,India
    Dr. V. ANTONY JOE RAJA Prince Group of Companies, Chennai
    Dr. R.UMAMAHESWARA RAO GMR Institute of Technology-RAJAM,AP
    Dr. SIVANESAN R St.Alphonsa College of Arts and Science, Kanyakumari, India
    Dr. Dr. K. ABDUS SAMAD Jamal Mohamed College, Trichy, Tamilnadu, India
    Dr. GEORGIOS PALAIOLOGOS Royal University for Women, Bahrain
    Dr. K.S.MEENAKSHISUNDARAM Dr.Bala V Balachandar Campus, Tamilnadu
    Dr. K. ABDUS SAMAD Jamal Institute of Management Tricy, India
    Dr. J. KHAJA SHERIFF University of Madras, Tamilnadu, India
    Dr. N. KANNAN Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology, Tamilnadu, India

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